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Retail stores are increasingly enforcing social distancing regulations by limiting the number of shoppers in their premises to curb the spread of the novel Coronavirus. If you operate a retail store, you need to protect public health by installing a real-time occupancy monitoring system that helps you to enforce social distancing guidelines as well as occupancy restrictions.

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set maximum visitor number in stores - store occupancy

Store Occupancy features

  • Real-time overview of occupancy level in the store

  • Ability to set maximum occupancy level

  • Suitable for any device

  • Notify staff when max occupancy level is exceeded

  • Store and review historical occupancy data

How does it work?

Nedap’s Store Occupancy uses existing customer counting sensors that anonymously count and track those entering and exiting your store. It then calculates the store’s occupancy rate using preset capacity. Store Occupancy monitoring ensures that shoppers, employees, and store visitors have the space that they need to stay safe. This real-time occupancy monitoring system leverages a unique algorithm. It shows warnings when occupancy limits are approached or exceeded, thus enabling you to enforce social distancing rules.

GREEN light: The number of visitors is within the safety limit
ORANGE light: The current number of visitors is at 90% of the safety limit
RED light: the maximum number of visitors has been reached

Customer flow regulation thanks to visual signaling

The occupancy monitor shows the of number of people in the store and the number of ‘free’ spots. Visual signing allows users to see the status of their occupancy level immediately.

nedap store occupancy

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