iSense RF

High-performance RF EAS systems

iSense RF

Nedap offers RF EAS antennas with integrated advertising panels and integrated extra features such as customer counting and metal detection, so your store entrance remains uncluttered. The high-performance RF EAS systems are equipped with Patented Orientation Independent Detection (OID) technology for unprecedented detection performance and detection of EAS tags in every possible orientation.

Global service & support

Scalable EAS solutions with one global partner.

High-performance POS solutions

Smart deactivators and universal detachers expedite the POS process.

100% tested RF labels & hard tags

Improve theft protection and bolster staff confidence.

State-of-the-art RF EAS antennas

Protect your merchandise and your profits.

In-store and organization-wide dashboards

Real-time data for monitoring and benchmarking.

Remote support

Quick response without the need for a repair crew in your stores during trading hours

RF to RFID upgrade path with Nedap EAS

Upgrade whenever you are ready for the RFID roll-out.

Organization-wide dashboard

The organization-wide Retail Analytics dashboard enables you to monitor and benchmark all your stores remotely. Retail Analytics gives a detailed overview of the number and types of EAS alarms, and shows the alarm ratio per store. Based on this data, you can act upon the theft risk level in each store and have all stores learn from your best store.

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We develop a wide range of solutions for loss prevention and (RFID-based) stock management in retail stores. Our solutions are tailored to the diverse needs in the following sectors:

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