iSense Lumen RF/RFID upgradable

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iSense Lumen RF/RFID upgradable

The iSense Lumen gate can be used at multiple locations in the store. The antenna can be placed at the Goods Receiving location where it tracks the items that arrive in the store. It can be placed between the stock room and the sales floor, to track the items that are moved from the stock to the sales floor. And the antenna can be placed at the customer entrance and exit to detect which items are leaving the store and to alarm on the items that are not being paid for.

In each role there is a different user feedback needed. iSense Lumen can be adjusted to its role since it is a three in one system. It is flexible in its functionality and its user feedback.

User feedback – user experience

The role of article surveillance gates, positioned at the entrance or exit from a store, is changing. From a traditional EAS system that alarms on active tags leaving the store to an intelligent article surveillance system that is capable to recognize items, detect the direction of the item and alarm on multiple scenarios. The systems is more advanced than ever before.

To inform the stores employees about the detected event and to trigger the right reaction from the employees the iSense Lumen antenna has an optimized user experience. The iSense Lumen antenna alarms differently for alarms caused by RF, RFID and metal detection. The colored LED’s and the high quality speaker inform both the employee and the customer about the cause of the alarm.

RFID upgradable with one click

Since RFID is becoming more common rapidly the iSense Lumen antenna is equipped with a RFID reader as a standard. The hybrid antenna, reading both RFID and RF tags, offers great benefits for retailers that adopted RFID.

Customer counting

In line with its predecessor the iSense Lumen antenna is equipped with customer counters. The customer counters offer more value than ever before since the customer counters can also be used to detect unwanted movements at the store exit or entrance.


To offer a great instore experience the iSense Lumen team paid a lot of effort to design an elegant antenna. The antenna has a robust construction without giving in on the design of the antenna.

The design team decided to lower the position of the alarm lights and the alarm lights are positioned to shine upwards instead of sidewards. This is done to increase the visibility of the alarms to enable store employees and security guards with a clear view on the lights.

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