Checkout Assisted Sales Technology

The customer-friendly loss prevention solution at the checkout

CAS is the customer friendly loss prevention solution located at the checkout.

The Checkout Assisted Sales Technology increases alarm response rate while focusing on customer friendliness.

In comparison with electronic article surveillance (EAS) antennas located at the exit of a store, Checkout Assisted Sales technology can either be integrated or attached to a checkout lane. It can be placed before the payment process takes place which reduces the stress and embarrassment for customers and staff when dealing with an alarm.

  • Checkout Assisted Sales Technology
  • The benefits of this technology are that the alarm
    response rate increases while the stressful and
    embarrassing situations for customers and staff
  • If preferred, retailers can choose to silence the audible
    alarm, just a flashing LED discretely visible to the
    assistant to avoid embarrassing situations
  • No operating costs for a security guard.

How it Works

Detect unpaid products at the checkout

We support the largest retailers in the world with advanced technology solutions that address their Loss Prevention Management.

Turn a potential loss into a sale

Detect unpaid items and avoid negative or confrontational interactions

Improves the alarm response rate

Integrates with all checkout counters

State-of-the-art Loss Prevention Technology

Protect your merchandise and your profits

Real-time data for monitoring and benchmarking.


Checkout Assisted Sales Technology

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