Intelligent Article Surveillance

Goodbye Shrinkage.
Hello Omni-Channel.

The role of article surveillance antennas, at the entrance or exit from a store, is changing.
From a traditional EAS system that alarms on active tags leaving the store to an intelligent article surveillance system that is capable to recognize items, detect the direction of the item and alarm on multiple scenarios. The system is more advanced than ever before.
Within this modern retail environment, Nedap distinguishes three levels of article surveillance to meet the needs of each retailer, all with one thing in mind:

We make it simple for retailers to always have the right products available

Intelligent & Self-Improving

Scalable EAS solutions with one global partner.

Global service & support

Scalable EAS solutions with one global partner.

High-performance POS solutions

Smart deactivators and universal detachers expedite the POS process.

Visitor Counting

Improve Customer Experience & Plan Your Staff More Effectively

Future Proof RFID-Ready

100% RFID ready to protect today’s investment.

Metal Detection

Fight Organized Retail Crime With Precise Metal Detection

Retail Analytics

Real-time In-store and organization-wide dashboards for monitoring and benchmarking data.

Remote support

Quick response without the need for a repair crew in your stores during retail hours

Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO)

Nedap’s innovative loss prevention solutions are built to last. Manufactured in Europe with the latest technology, all of our solutions are durable and will last you for at least ten years.

By using Nedap’s high-performance, patented article surveillance technology, your shrinkage levels will decline, allowing you to keep a more accurate stock level, save replenishing and inventory management costs and lower your overall theft risk. In addition, your installation and maintenance costs will remain low as our system is self-improving and our service partners can handle up to 80% of the service calls remotely – saving you the hassle and time of maintenance crews coming in.

Sounds too good to be true? Why don’t you try it out?

RF to RFID upgrade path with Nedap EAS

Upgrade whenever you are ready for the RFID roll-out.

Organization-wide dashboard

The organization-wide Retail Analytics dashboard enables you to monitor and benchmark all your stores remotely. Retail Analytics gives a detailed overview of the number and types of EAS alarms, and shows the alarm ratio per store. Based on this data, you can act upon the theft risk level in each store and have all stores learn from your best store.

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We develop a wide range of solutions for loss prevention and (RFID-based) stock management in retail stores. Our solutions are tailored to the diverse needs in the following sectors:

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