RFID-based EAS overhead

No loss of selling space

The ceiling-mounted RFID antenna takes up no selling space in the store and makes it possible to have completely open entrances where products are enhanced by a bright and open environment.

Eliminating false alarms

The concealed RFID antenna offers significant advantages such as the possibility to determine whether a product is leaving the store, entering the store or if it is just a stationary item, thereby reducing false alarms drastically.

Future Ready

No matter whether RFID-based EAS is the first or final part of your RFID roll-out, with the iD Top, you have a scalable, future-proof solution to permanently reduce the losses in your stores.

The good looking solution for loss prevention

To meet the needs and standards of today’s store design, we have developed a concealed, ceiling-mounted EAS solution that reduces shrinkage, improves product availability and can also cover wide entrances. This makes it the ideal electronic article surveillance solution for retail stores.

Watch the new adidas case study

See how adidas solved the problem between security and design with the iD Top

Out of the box

The RFID-based EAS overhead iD Top ensures an easier and more cost-effective installation, since no major structure work is needed; the rfid overhead can be installed above false ceilings, with a VESA-mount, hanging on steel cables or directly attached to the ceiling, which makes it easy to move them to another location whenever the store design changes.

Did you know 95% of the installations are completed on their first visit?

High-performance, sleek RFID antennas

That perfectly fit in a retail store environment.

Complete RFID solution

Nedap offers a complete portfolio of RFID readers, POS solutions, and labels.

Network integration

Our solutions include open API’s for easy integration with 3rd party and legacy systems.

Best in-store RFID performance

Nedap’s solutions include stray tag filtering & direction detection.

Global standards

All solutions are GS1 EPC Gen 2 compliant.

Online device management

Nedap provides hassle-free remote support & firmware updates.

The good looking store

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We develop a wide range of solutions for loss prevention and (RFID-based) stock management in retail stores. Our solutions are tailored to the diverse needs in the following sectors:

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