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Choose your favorite RFID reader

The !D Cloud software platform is hardware-agnostic, which means that !D Cloud supports various RFID readers to collect RFID data in your stores. As !D Cloud is also available on iOS and Android, you can build your own RFID dream team by selecting the RFID handheld reader, operating system and mobile device of your choice.

Several leading RFID handheld readers are already supported by !D Cloud. We have fully tested these devices concerning their read performance, battery lifetime and user-friendliness, but if you prefer another RFID handheld reader, simply contact us to discuss. If you want to find out how !D Cloud works, simply request a trial.


!D Cloud is off-the-shelf available with a range of different RFID readers that have been thoroughly tested. If you prefer to use another RFID reader – no problem, because new readers can easily be integrated using our API’s.

User-friendly design

Any RFID solution works best if your store staff likes working with it. Key factors that need to be considered regarding the RFID readers are e.g. the ergonomics and user feedback of the selected RFID reader.


You get the best RFID read performance if all components are of the best quality – the RFID reader, the RFID labels on the merchandise, etc. We are happy to advise you on all these aspects to make sure you can start fast and benefit immediately.

White paper: Deciding for a fixed RFID infrastructure

What are the key differences between RFID solutions using handheld readers and fixed RFID readers in terms of read accuracy, complexity and costs?

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