Experience the power of an open RFID software platform

In this connected world, we strongly believe in the power of an RFID partner ecosystem that enables you to get the most out the technology and gain immediate access to innovative functions and tools. That’s why Nedap has designed !D Cloud as a hardware-agnostic, open RFID software platform that is based on leading industry standards and allows for easy (API-based) integrations with other solutions.

To actively build a powerful RFID partner ecosystem for our retail customers, we enter into strategic global alliances with companies that share our vision of innovation, delivering easy connectivity and a platform that is ready to effectively introduce RFID in retail organizations. Build and extend your RFID solution quickly by leveraging a multitude of add-ons — software extensions and RFID hardware that integrate seamlessly with !D Cloud. These off-the-shelf integrations enable you to significantly shorten the time to deploy or extend your RFID solution and build your business case.

ERP & POS Systems

The !D Cloud APIs are made to communicate with leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. This enables seamless data transfer and generates new added value by providing the most accurate real-time business information.

RFID Readers

!D Cloud is hardware-agnostic and off-the-shelf available with a variety of RFID handheld readers, transition readers, POS readers and printers. Simply build your own RFID dream team by selecting the RFID reader, operating system and mobile device of your choice.

Supply Chain

Our certified supply chain partners utilize the API-based !D Cloud DC Connector to integrate their RFID hard- and software with the !D Cloud EPCIS repository. This enables retailers to quickly benefit from full stock visibility from source to store.

RFID Source Tagging

We have partnered with RFID label companies with extensive source tagging experience and a large network of local print shops to deliver excellent quality and implementation support around the globe.

Mobile Self-Scanning

Let your employees or customers check out directly on smart mobile devices and use RFID-based EAS to verify the payment. Here, !D Cloud is the database (EPCIS repository) that enables ‘EAS in the Cloud‘.

Consortial Engagement

Together with our Consortial Engagement Partners, we define, refine and cultivate RFID standards to enable an easy and sustainable RFID adoption for retail organisations.







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