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The scalable cloud solution for RFID in retail

Making sure that a product in the right size and the right color is available for your customers is crucial these days. However, merchandise availability should not result in overstocked stores and the associated high capital cost. That is why accurate stock information at all times is key. RFID technology makes it possible to automate your in-store stock management – resulting in optimal merchandise availability for your customers and an in-store stock accuracy of over 98%.

To enable a fast RFID deployment and optimum scalability, we have designed !D Cloud. !D Cloud is a cloud-hosted software suite that functions as a scalable integration layer between the existing ERP system and RFID readers. There is no need to replace your existing IT infrastructure, add any new in-store infrastructure or change the current ERP system.

Improve on-shelf availability

With !D Cloud, retailers can improve their stock accuracy to over 98%. This enables a higher on-shelf availability and increases sales. There is no need to replace your existing stock management and/or ERP system. !D Cloud just makes sure that those systems will get accurate data.

Designed for your store staff

We put a lot of effort into making RFID easy to understand, simple to use and rewarding for your store staff, because it enables them to provide better customer service. The required training is minimal, which will make your RFID solution more effective, scalable and reliable.

Open software platform

!D Cloud is the integration and process layer in between RFID readers, apps and existing ERP systems. It is a hosted multi-tenant SaaS solution, built on modern technologies, horizontally scalable and an open platform with API’s. No in-store infrastructure is required.

How does !D Cloud work?

The !D Cloud solution consists of three key components – the !D Cloud app on a mobile device, the !D Cloud Web dashboard and RFID readers. In case you wonder how you can get started with !D Cloud, how you can get RFID labels on your products or how you can use Software as a Service, we have bundled these and other tips in the “HOW TO” section.

What does !D Cloud cost?

The !D Cloud solution offers four different packages with a fixed fee per store per month. Take a look at the pricing overview to find out more about the !D Cloud functionalities, features and professional services in the different packages.

!D Cloud @ River Island

See why & how River Island rolled out !D Cloud to 280 stores

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