Food Retail

Scale and competition make supermarkets and hypermarkets a unique challenge for loss prevention. Nedap clients work with a specialist team and product range to provide the most effective loss prevention solutions and protect your profits.

An intelligent, network enabled RF EAS system

Nedap RF EAS systems offer real-time actionable data. Our systems are connected to each other and the internet. The connectivity enables IP-integrations with CCTV camera’s and offers real-time insights into potential security risks and the system performance.

Shopping trolley collision-proof and hygienic RF EAS systems

Nedap RF EAS systems are designed for the harsh environment in supermarkets and hypermarkets. They are smart, robust and built-to-last, offering you a long-lasting loss prevention solution.

Reliable deactivation to prevent false alarms

The Nedap Smart Deactivator reliably deactivates at high scanning speeds. This prevents false alarms as it offers superior label detection and deactivation. The Smart Deactivator is easy to operate and can seamlessly be integrated into your check-out procedures and setup.

The Checkout Antenna

Nedap Checkout Antenna: First antenna in food retail that increases both article security and
customer friendliness

Source tagging for Food

Any EAS antenna works best with high-quality tags and labels. Therefore, Nedap sets high standards and tests 100% of the labels we sell. When you are ready, Nedap can advise on integrating source tagging into your supply chain. This gives your high risk products the best protection and increases in-store efficiency as the products are already labeled and shelf-ready when they arrive at your store. Nedap offers a complete portfolio of labels and tags to optimally protect your food and non-food products with a high theft risk.

Loss prevention in Food

We have applied our loss prevention expertise to tailor our market leading RF electronic article surveillance (EAS) system, advanced software and source tagging solutions to the specific needs of super- and hypermarkets.

Lose less, gain insight and increase efficiency with Nedap’s loss prevention solutions for super- and hypermarkets.

How to Secure
Chilled and Frozen Meat

Options for tagging chilled and frozen meat products with dedicated electronic article surveillance (EAS) labels.

Nedap Solutions

Our team designs, builds and runs solutions on two technology platforms;
iSense is a portfolio of RF/RFID readers for in-store use with open communication protocols for existing software platforms. The popular iD Top is part of the iSense family.
!D Cloud is a truly scalable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for RFID stock management for retail with out-of-the-box support of RFID handheld and fixed readers. !D Cloud integrates easily with existing ERP and stock management systems.

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