Fashion retailers invest heavily to create the ideal shopping experience. Nedap’s advanced solutions for loss prevention and stock management, based on RF and RFID technology, help you to effectively prevent losses and optimize your merchandise availability. Real-time actionable data helps you to increase sales and achieve profitable, sustainable growth.

Loss prevention

Your customers should notice your beautiful collection, not your loss prevention measures. That’s why our loss prevention solutions are always adaptable to your store concept and your current and future needs.

Stock management

Keep your merchandise availability at optimum levels so every customer who enters the store finds what they are looking for. Nedap offers scalable solutions to quickly improve your in-store stock accuracy by using RFID technology.

Source tagging

Move the efforts of applying RF or RFID tags and labels to your merchandise from the store to the source to increase the in-store efficiency and lower your costs.

Nedap RFID antennas selected for large-scale technology rollout at Adler

Adler Modemärkte AG, one of the largest textile retailers in Germany, has selected Nedap’s fixed RFID readers for the introduction of RFID technology throughout its retail network.

Loss prevention in Fashion

Nedap can help you to almost eradicate losses. Garments can be RF or RFID labeled at the manufacturer (source tagging), the warehouse or in the store, and are protected by almost invisible antennas at the store exit. Our intuitive retail software and warning systems allow sales staff to concentrate on the first priority, serving customers.

H&M continues partnering with Nedap to secure stores worldwide

Global fashion retailer chooses RFID-ready loss prevention systems

Stock management in fashion

Nedap can help you to optimize your product availability Our intuitive cloud software allows sales staff to optimize the in-store stock accuracy, which also paves they way for offering Omnichannel services like Click & Collect.

Nedap offers the cloud-based software suite !D Cloud and a complete RFID reader portfolio especially designed for the retail sector, consisting of high-performance handheld readers, floor- and ceiling-mounted antennas and POS readers.

Watch how River Island and Nedap roll out RFID within 7 months

Retailer rolls out RFID to 280 stores after achieving sales increase in first stores

Source tagging for fashion

Any RF EAS and RFID antenna works best with high-quality hard tags and labels. Therefore, Nedap sets high standards and tests 100% of the labels we sell. When you are ready, Nedap can advise on integrating source tagging of RF or RFID labels and hard tags into your supply chain. This gives your high risk products the best protection and increases in-store efficiency as the products are already labeled and shelf-ready when they arrive at your store. Nedap offers a complete portfolio of RF and RFID labels and hard tags to optimally protect your clothing, shoes, bags and other fashion items.


Nedap makes sure that your loyal customers can do their daily shopping without even noticing any systems that are in place. Our solutions stand for quality and reliability. We understand how important it is that the systems are customer-friendly, easy for your staff to work with and completely reliable.

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