Big Box

Big Box retailers invest heavily to create the ideal shopping experience in stores offering a large sales floor and a high number of SKU’s. Nedap’s advanced solutions for loss prevention and stock management, based on RF and RFID technology, help Big Box retailers to effectively prevent losses and optimize the merchandise availability. Real-time actionable data helps you to increase sales and achieve profitable, sustainable growth.

Goods receiving

Perfection at Goods Receiving is the basis for keeping your stock files accurate. Instant, RFID-enabled checks of which articles are actually delivered to which store is important to update the ERP system with the right data and handle them appropriately for storage, online order picking or in-store replenishment.

Stock room to sales floor movements

You can only sell what is on the sales floor. This simple rules often turns out to be a major challenge in retail stores. With RFID technology, your in-store stock management can be highly automated – resulting in optimal stock availability, without stock piling. RFID enables you to track any product movements and know the exact location of each individual item.

Future proof
loss prevention

We have designed our RF and RFID electronic article surveillance systems to help you protect your profit without creating a massive barrier at your front door or check-out area. Offer your shoppers a welcoming, pleasant environment and optimally benefit from the preventive effect at the same time. Our RF EAS systems are easily upgradable to RFID when you are ready.

Tesco rolls out Nedap RFID technology

The RFID partnership with Nedap allows us to replenish stock from the Distribution Centre more efficiently and accurately – Richard Collins, COO at F&F

Loss prevention in Big Box

We have applied our loss prevention expertise to tailor our market leading RF / RFID article surveillance systems, advanced software and source tagging solutions to the specific needs of Big Box retailers.

Lose less, gain insight and increase efficiency with Nedap’s loss prevention solutions. The solutions provide real-time actionable data for compliance overview and identification of best practices and high risk stores.

Source tagging for Big Box

Any EAS antenna works best with high-quality tags and labels. Therefore, Nedap sets high standards and tests 100% of the labels we sell. When you are ready, Nedap can advise on integrating source tagging into your supply chain. This gives your high risk products the best protection and increases in-store efficiency as the products are already labeled and shelf-ready when they arrive at your store. Nedap offers a complete portfolio of labels and tags to optimally protect your food and non-food products with a high theft risk.

How to Secure
Chilled and Frozen Meat

Options for tagging chilled and frozen meat products with dedicated electronic article surveillance (EAS) labels.

Nedap Solutions

Our team designs, builds and runs solutions on two technology platforms;
iSense is a portfolio of RF/RFID readers for in-store use with open communication protocols for existing software platforms. The popular iD Top is part of the iSense family.
!D Cloud is a truly scalable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for RFID stock management for retail with out-of-the-box support of RFID handheld and fixed readers. !D Cloud integrates easily with existing ERP and stock management systems.

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