Webinar: RFID and supporting
sustainability in retail

Recorded session

Webinar: RFID and Supporting Sustainability in Retail

In the next edition of our RFID in Retail webinar series, we will discuss how RFID helps retailers and brand owners manage their stock and supply chain operations more sustainably. As the retail industry increasingly turns to digital technology to optimize operations, RFID emerges as a leading enabler in the journey towards sustainability.  

This webinar will explain how RFID can drive supply chain efficienciesprove product provenance and reduce waste.  


We will dive into the following topics:

  • RFID’s potential to support sustainability in retail  
  • How RFID can be used to support supply chain efficiencies and reduce waste 
  • How RFID creates stock visibility and can thus be used for proving product provenance 
  • Why and how sustainability equals profitability 
  • Environmental impact of RFID labels 
  • Other applications of RFID in retail sustainability  

This webinar is available for retailers only.  



Steffie Broere 


Jessica St. John 


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