WEBINAR: RFID myths debunked

Webinar: RFID myths debunked (recording)

We’ve all heard the many success stories that come from RFID deployments at major retail organizations, helping them to enable BOPIS and other omnichannel initiatives; so why isnt everyone jumping on the bandwagon? Is the business case of an RFID implementation not clear? Or it’s so complex and time consuming to deploy?  

We’re calling – FAKE NEWS!

In this recorded session, we will dive into the following topics:

  1. Address common myths around RFID we encounter 
  2. Clarify the misconceptions 
  3. Answer your most pressing questions

By the end of this webinar we hope to give you a more informed set of expectations, no matter which stage of your RFID journey you are at. 

At the end of the presentation we will have an open forum where you can ask any burning questions about RFID for your organization, or maybe myths you’d like to fact check! 

This webinar is available for retailers only.




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