Webinar: The world of
RFID Labels &
tagging strategies

In conversation with Avery Dennison

Recorded session

Webinar: The world of RFID Labels & tagging strategies

In conversation with Avery Dennison

RAIN RFID is a technology that has been around for a while and has evolved a lot over the last years. One field of continuous evolution is RFID labels. With each iteration we get more advanced labels with better read performance and improved support for all sorts of use casesDue to the many options out there in the market it can be difficult to navigate through the landscape of RFID labels.   

What you will learn about labels and tagging strategies

The aim of this webinar is to provide guidance through the RFID label landscape and tagging strategies for brands and retailers. We will provide a break-down of the various components of a RFID label. In addition, we will discuss the latest trend in the RFID label world.  

This webinar will answer the following questions: 

  • What are the components of an RFID label? 
  • How have RFID labels evolved over the last years? 
  • Which label is right for me? 
  • Where do I start my tagging? 

This webinar is available for retailers only.

In partnership with Avery Dennison.

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  • Hilbert Dijkstra, Director of Product Management (Nedap Retail Americas)
  • Pete Moylan, Market Development Director, UK & Scandinavia, Intelligent Labels (Avery Dennison)
    Pete Moylan is an expert within barcode and RFID technologies. His role at Avery Dennison as a Market Development Director (UK & Scandinavia) has allowed him to use his experience to consult, pilot and deploy switch-on technologies that enable ecomm, omni-channel and on-shelf availability that allows retailers to sell down to the last unit at full price.

    He piloted and implemented the first large-scale apparel RFID program in 2003 and has led the industry in developing new RFID products that enabled categories such as home and kitchenware and cosmetics to grow. Since then he has piloted and deployed several of the largest programs in Europe. He’s passionate about; right tag, right product, right application. He loves technology, enthusiasm, detail and is a self declared ‘bit of a nerd’.

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