WEBINAR: RFID at the Point-of-Sale

How to leverage RFID at the POS to unlock
new use cases in the store!

Webinar: RFID at the Point-of-Sale (recording)

In our fourth webinar in our weekly webinar series, we will discuss one of the most relevant read points: the check-out or point-of-sales (POS). RFID at the POS unlocks many additional use cases for RFID in the store. For use cases like in-store replenishment, combatting return fraud and EAS it is a necessity to cover the POS with RFID. 

In this recorded session, we will dive into the following topics:

  • Use cases that are unlocked with RFID at the POS
  • Options of how to cover RFID at the POS
    RFID reader
    Serialized barcode
    c. Calculated stock 
  • Introduction of calculated stock 

This webinar is available for retailers only.




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