Unified online & in-store experience

!D Cloud roll-out to stores in 12 countries

Acne Studios, founded in 1996, is a multidisciplinary fashion house based in Stockholm, Sweden with own-brand retail stores in locations around the world. Acne Studios offers men’s and women’s ready-to-wear fashion, footwear, accessories and denim, as well as special artistic collaborations and one-off projects.

Customer challenge

Acne Studios’ main challenge was how to unify the online and in-store experience and service in order to gain and maintain the trust of the customers. To never dissapoint a customer – in the stores or online – product availaibility key. Acne Studios realized that the only way to master this is by having a nearly 100% stock accuracy. Therefore, automating the in-store stock taking with RFID was the logical next step.

Omnichannel enabler

Acne Studios uses !D Cloud to raise their in-store stock accuracy and enable omnichannel services.

Nedap Solution

Using !D Cloud, Acne Studios achieves a high stock accuracy and optimizes the replenishment processes. To achieve this, the employees frequently take inventory with the !D Cloud software, which gives insight into the actual stock. The accurate stock data als serves as a solid base to offer omnichannel services to their customers and truly unify the online and in-store brand experience.

The pace of the RFID implementation at Acne Studios was extraordinarily high as it took only 3 months from the first proof-of-concept to the completion of the rollout to 12 countries. During this period, the ERP integration, staff training and RFID labelling of the merchandise was completed.

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