How to prevent high shrinkage in the World of mPOS

Today’s shoppers expect that the entire shopping experience will be enjoyable. They want to be inspired, find what they want, get the size they need, and get help when they need it. However, shoppers have made it clear they do not want to wait for anything. While the many advantages of mPOS make it tempting to do away with traditional checkouts, there are other challenges that need to be mastered. One of the key topics here is loss prevention, because there is a major conflict between mPOS solutions and any loss prevention measures a retailer has implemented to prevent shrinkage.

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mPOS benefits

Learn more about the benefits that mPOS solutions can offer.

Convenience vs. security

One of the key topics discussed is the potential conflict between mPOS solutions and loss prevention.

How RFID enables secured checkouts

Read how it works and how you can implement it

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