Largest RFID deployment Benelux - MS Mode

Nedap selected for largest ever RFID deployment in Benelux market

Fashion retailer MS Mode equips 185 stores with Nedap’s inventory management platform to increase accuracy throughout the supply chain

The Netherlands, Groenlo, March 16, 2021

Fashion brand MS Mode is equipping its 185 stores in the Benelux countries, France and Spain with a new inventory management system based on RFID technology. Technology company, Nedap, is providing all 185 MS Mode stores with its inventory management platform !D Cloud. It is the largest roll-out of RFID technology in the Benelux to date. For MS Mode, RFID plays an important part in improving stock management and reliability. The solution ensures that the supply is accurately tuned to the shopping preferences of consumers. With platform !D Cloud, MS Mode can optimize product availability at store and DC level.

Omnichannel player

Says Martin de Jong, COO at Cool Investments, the parent company of MS Mode: “Strategic inventory management is a precondition for being a successful omnichannel player. Since the start of the pandemic, the number of online orders has increased enormously and the foot traffic in stores went down. To serve customers optimally through all sales channels, it is essential to be able to have the right products available at the right time in the right place.”

Efficient replenishment

MS Mode can use refill functionality in the Nedap !D Cloud App to easily see which items from the store’s stock room need to be replenished on the sales floor. In addition, the RFID data is linked to an application developed by MS Mode that ensures, based on smart algorithms, that it accurately determines which stock should be sent to which stores and channels at what time.

MS Mode also deploys RFID technology to quickly check incoming goods. Store associates can now count on reliable inventory information from the moment of delivery, thereby serving customers better.
“We have seen at America Today – another retail model in our portfolio – how Nedap’s !D Cloud platform and RFID technology make a difference. All our products get a unique source code, which gives us perfect insight into inventory at any time.”

RFID is becoming a must-have

Bruno Bakker, Business Development Manager at Nedap Retail commented: “RFID is no longer a nice to have for retailers, but really a must-have. This rollout proves it again. The use of !D Cloud and our RFID solutions continues to grow. We are very happy with the trust MS Mode has put in us and we look forward to continuing the partnership with Cool Investments.”


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Scotch & Soda selects Nedap as strategic RFID partner

Turning customers into brand-loyal fans as a main driver to optimize product availability

The Netherlands, Groenlo, February 2, 2021

Nedap announced today that leading Dutch fashion brand Scotch & Soda has selected them as strategic RFID partner for Europe and North America. Scotch & Soda will deploy Nedap’s !D Cloud inventory management platform throughout 162 stores globally with the objective to increase accuracy throughout the supply chain.

One of Scotch & Soda’s long-term objectives is to maximize customer loyalty. Rik Kok, Procurement Director of Scotch & Soda comments: “We have been looking into RFID for quite some time already. Now is the time for us to step in, as product availability has become vital to fulfill the increasing demand of today’s consumers.”

Accelerated importance of item visibility due to COVID-19

With stores in the world’s biggest cities and shipping to over 70 countries, the dynamics of countries going in and out of lockdowns made it even more important for Scotch & Soda to optimize the view on stock levels within their supply chain. This way, the balance of stock in-store and distribution centers can be adjusted to the local situation.

Scotch & Soda also faced a dramatic shift in shopper behavior caused by the pandemic. “A single view on stock is crucial for a successful omnichannel strategy. It allows us to increase our online sellable stock, as we do not necessarily need to ship from our distribution centers anymore. We can now use our stores as mini-DCs and use stock from the shop floor and back-of-house for web order fulfillment as well”, says Rik Kok.

Phased deployment

Scotch & Soda is kicking off the RFID implementation in the physical stores. This is closest to the consumer, as most sales take place there. Goods are source-labeled at the factory, leading to full traceability in the supply chain from source to consumer.

In addition to ensuring product availability for store sales, Nedap’s !D Cloud solution also provides the ability to quickly locate web orders in the store. This way, the time spent to prepare an e-commerce order will be reduced to a minimum.

The next step will be taken at Scotch & Soda’s new distribution center, where efficiency and accuracy must be optimal.

Mindful fulfillment

Besides designing beautiful clothes that feel good, one of Scotch & Soda’s top priorities is also is to run their business with great sensitivity to the planet by making more responsible choices every day that reduce environmental impact.

As RFID provides real-time insights in stock levels throughout the entire supply chain, safety thresholds can be reduced to a minimum. This enables Scotch & Soda to fulfill consumer demand without overstocking, and eventually wasting garments.

Bruno Bakker, Business Development Manager at Nedap Retail comments: “We are pleased to welcome Scotch & Soda to our ever-growing RFID community. Our team is looking forward to working with this fine brand to create a fully transparent supply chain and make merchandise simply available.”


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Ilse Protsman
Marketing Communications Manager
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Filippa K RFID

Filippa K selects Nedap to power omnichannel fulfillment

Inventory visibility throughout the supply chain results in higher product availability


The Netherlands, Groenlo, January 5, 2021

Nedap announced today that leading Swedish fashion brand, Filippa K, has deployed !D Cloud, Nedap’s inventory management platform. With the implementation of RFID technology, Filippa K improves inventory accuracy and increases product availability throughout their retail supply chains and stores for agile omnichannel fulfillment.

Maximizing customer satisfaction with minimum inventory levels

Filippa K is known as a brand that approaches fashion with a perspective of longevity and mindfulness of the environment. Overstocked stores and distribution centers and high safety thresholds to confidently fulfill e-commerce orders do not fit these values. Emelie Berggren, Fulfillment Director at Filippa K says: “Our challenge is to provide the full brand experience throughout all channels. Product availability is key to achieve this. One major objective was to have a lean fulfillment process, with only the products on shelf that are strictly needed. This way, we minimize waste and this is also what our community expects us to do. RFID technology helps us to always have the right products available online and in our stores.”

Best-of-breed technology for digital transformation

Filippa K opted for a best-of-breed solution that fit their objectives and use cases. Nedap’s API-based software-as-a-service platform allowed Filippa K for ease of integration within their ERP-system. This built the foundation to easily feed the most up-to-date product availability information into the e-commerce platform from Episerver and the Sitoo POS and Unified Commerce Platform. This way, Filippa K operations will increasingly focus on the customer and unify brick-and-mortar and online shopping experience.

Exploring additional use cases with RFID

The project, fully deployed in a month, started small with the objective to optimize in-store item availability. Shortly after, Filippa K decided to implement services that allow customers to return in any desired store. In addition, centralizing inventory in order to transfer items between stores or back to the distribution centers allows Filippa K to turn a loss into a sale. “Our next step is to directly fulfill e-commerce orders from store. In addition, we are looking into leveraging our source tagged merchandise for loss prevention purposes. This will further optimize efficiency and item availability”, Berggren says.

Elles te Boome-Harbers, Global Sales & Business Developer at Nedap says, “We are glad to have Filippa K on board as a member of our RFID user community. It’s a pleasure to see how quickly they adopted and deployed our solution. We are looking forward to expanding the current use cases and increase the success of this exciting brand together with Securitas, our vendor-partner in this project.”


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Encuentro Moda RFID

Encuentro Moda selects Nedap for real-time RFID deployment in 125 stores

Encuentro Moda embraces RFID to optimize digital merchandise availability and unlock omnichannel potential The Netherlands, Groenlo | November 12, 2020 Nedap announced today that Spanish womenswear brand Encuentro Moda has selected Nedap’s !D Cloud software platform. The main objective is to achieve full supply chain visibility and merchandise visibility within their 125 stores across Spain. […]

Stichd chooses Nedap RFID solution

Stichd and Nedap collaborate to create a fully transparent supply chain

RFID adoption enables higher availability of products from brands like Levi’s, Puma and Tommy Hilfiger leading to increased profitability The Netherlands, Groenlo | June 16 2020 Today Nedap announced a strategic cooperation with stichd, previously Dobotex International, an A-brand partner for legwear, bodywear, swimwear and fanwear belonging to the Puma Group. Stichd produces and markets […]

Nedap and Tag Company join forces in the UK retail market

The Netherlands, Groenlo | February 11 2020

Nedap N.V. and Tag Company Ltd. today announced that they will join forces in the UK market regarding Nedap retail loss prevention solutions. This combination brings together the technical and commercial strengths of both companies. Both organizations have stated that the arrangement will take effect 1 March 2020.

This cooperation stems from the close relationship that has been established over the past few years. Tag Company will be responsible for all Nedap EAS business in the UK and will be fully supported by Nedap. The two companies already had a significant position in the market separately, the new combination has a dominant market share.

Rob Schuurman, Managing Director at Nedap Retail, commented: “We highly respect the way Tag Company established itself as a trusted retail partner and are excited about this intensified cooperation. We strongly believe that we will be able to provide our customers with an even better service in the UK retail market by joining forces, consolidating our market share. Together, we will be able to serve the UK market as a strong, reliable partner for retail article surveillance solutions.”

Jon Marchese, Managing Partner at Tag Company reacted: “We are extremely proud that Nedap puts this trust in us. This alliance is an important step for us and reflects our outstanding relationship. The Nedap EAS solutions stand for quality and innovation, which have already proven their value to the British retail market. With the cooperation between Tag Company and Nedap, we expect to further unlock the potential of these solutions.”

Inventory management solution
Nedap also intensifies its activities in the UK market regarding the promotion of !D Cloud – Nedap’s leading RFID-based inventory management platform in the apparel and fashion sector. This means that a dedicated Nedap team will fully focus on assisting retailers to adopt RFID. !D Cloud is used by fashion retailers worldwide to improve their on-shelf merchandise availability and execute a successful omnichannel strategy. Schuurman states: “We see a lot of traction for RFID-based inventory management in the UK apparel and fashion industry and strongly believe that it is one of the markets in Europe where the RFID-adoption will explode over the next years.”


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Ilse Protsman
Marketing Communications Manager
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Mountain Warehouse selects Nedap for global RFID roll-out

Inventory accuracy a key factor to maintain growth

The Netherlands, Groenlo, February 4th 2020

Mountain Warehouse, a major UK outdoor apparel and equipment retailer, has selected !D Cloud, Nedap’s leading inventory management solution for a global deployment to 400 stores. The deployment started in January 2020 in the United Kingdom, continuing with Europe, North America and New Zealand with the main objective being to improve inventory accuracy, leading to better product availability.

Strategic roadmap around RFID

Mountain Warehouse has been growing year on year for 2 decades now. To continue this success, it’s vital that the retailer continues to be agile and move with customer behavior. Aligning bricks and mortar with the digital experience of using RFID is an essential ingredient to maintain this growth.

“We have been very successful over the past 22 years at Mountain Warehouse. To build on this growth, we made the decision in 2019 to RFID source tag our inventory. As a result of this, we will benefit hugely from having full inventory visibility. Knowing what is in stock allows us to provide better product availability, improving our customer proposition, whilst increasing sales.”, comments Jamie Morgado, Head of Retail Operations at Mountain Warehouse.

Eliminating a high level of investment with Virtual Shielding™

Mountain Warehouse ran a previous project looking into the benefits of RFID. The improvement in accuracy, although with a different supplier, supported the business case which in turn started the Request for Proposal process.

“We were looking for an experienced supplier with a platform that was simple to integrate to, could scale internationally with ease, and was lightweight to setup from an IT perspective. We also wanted an application that is easy and fun for our store staff to use. We feel that Nedap’s experience in the market and approach to RFID, fits in very well with our objectives and culture at Mountain Warehouse, not only now, but where we want to be in the future too”, comments Alexandria Smuts, Head of IT Delivery at Mountain Warehouse.

In addition to experience and references, not having to invest in shielding materials was an important driver for Mountain Warehouse when selecting !D Cloud. Alexandria Smuts: “One key aspect in choosing Nedap was their Virtual Shielding solution, which will help stores with their shop floor replenishment process, maximizing on-shelf availability. Virtual Shielding removes the requirement to physically shield stock rooms with RFID blocking paint or foil, which facilitated a lower level of investment for roll out.”

Similar philosophy

“It is an absolute pleasure to welcome Mountain Warehouse to our !D Cloud community”, comments Nick Markwell, Business Lead !D Cloud UK at Nedap. “We share the same philosophy that inventory accuracy is the fundamental building block to enabling product availability. This will open more doors for future growth, opening up omni-channel initiatives and ultimately providing their customers with better choice. We are looking forward to helping Mountain Warehouse deploy RFID globally and supporting them to develop their RFID roadmap, so that they can continue to build on their very strong 22 years of trading.”

Essentiel Antwerp selects Nedap’s cloud-based RFID platform for European roll-out

The Netherlands, Groenlo | October 8 2019

First Belgian fashion brand to deploy RFID on a large scale

Nedap announces that luxury brand Essentiel Antwerp signed up for a European deployment of !D Cloud, Nedap’s leading inventory visibility platform. Implementing RFID technology throughout Essentiel’s stores worldwide, enables the brand to optimize inventory accuracy in order to ensure on-shelf product availability. The roll-out will start first semester 2020 when the first source tagged items hit the stores, and will be completed within two months.

Fast roll-out through self-deployment

In order to ensure a fast and smooth roll-out process, Essentiel Antwerp will be using Nedap’s self-deployment methodology. This methodology enables Essentiel to deploy at a fast pace, using existing in-house training and roll out infrastructure.

Peter Bruggeman, CFO at Essentiel Antwerp comments: “We knew cloud-based RFID was our way to go, after thorough research during the last two years and experience with systems hosted locally. We got in touch with Nedap in our quest for a proven cloud-based solution that was easy to deploy on a global scale. Using Nedap’s self-deployment methodology we are able to move at the fastest possible pace during our global expansion.”


Nedap’s !D Cloud software suite is a Software-as-a-Service solution specifically developed for retail RFID applications. It offers retailers the quickest route to implement RFID and improve their in-store inventory accuracy to over 98%. Essentiel Antwerp integrates !D Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics Navision such that realtime insights into inventory levels and the exact location of each item also enables the successful introduction of omnichannel services.

“Essentiel Antwerp already had extensive knowledge about the value and use cases of RFID technology and why this is key for future-proof retailing”, says Bruno Bakker, Business Developer RFID at Nedap Retail Benelux. “Realtime inventory visibility through RFID enables Essentiel Antwerp to develop omnichannel services or to easily share inventory information between stores. This helps Essentiel always have the right product available and serve their customers in the best possible way.”




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Outdoor Voices selects Nedap to unlock best-in-class omnichannel services

Boston, MA, September 5, 2019

Digital-first activewear brand implements RFID inventory management to improve web order fulfillment and on-shelf availability

Today Nedap announces that digital first activewear brand Outdoor Voices has selected !D Cloud, Nedap’s leading RFID inventory management platform. One of the key objectives within this deployment is achieving full inventory visibility. This implies that all items, whether located in the distribution center or in stores, are consolidated into one centralized inventory hub. This allows Outdoor Voices to further unlock omnichannel services, such as ship-from-store, without the need for separate stock in order to fulfill web orders and replenish stores.

“Outdoor Voices is a revolutionary brand that’s a prime example of fulfilling the omni-channel dream, merging the online and offline experience into one omni-channel”, says Rob Schuurman, President Retail Nedap Inc. “They selected the !D Cloud as a turn-key solution to further enable the omni-channel journey to their customers. One of the key objectives is achieving full and reliable inventory visibility throughout their retail chain to successfully deliver concepts like ship-from-store and BOPIS.”

Stores are community drivers and act as hubs for Recreation and #DoingThings

Nate Peterson, Vice President of Supply Chain at Outdoor Voices comments: “For us as a digitally native brand, it’s important that our online experience mirrors that of our shops and this plays an important part in our strategy of activating locally and amplifying digitally. Our job is ensuring that we have the key partners in place who can provide best-in-class experiences for our customers so that regardless of whether or not they purchase online or through our shops, we send them home with the apparel they’ve been looking for.”

RFID is a no-brainer

The Outdoor Voices team already had experience using RFID and knew the value it brings retail organizations. Kevin Harwood, Vice President of Technology at Outdoor Voices explains: “Nedap enables our store employees to better manage our omnichannel experience, where we can complete inventory counts with 99 percent accuracy and therefore expose our customers to every last unit available within our inventory. This coupled with the seamless integration of our newly implemented NewStore technology will ensure we can serve our customers wherever they are located, online or offline.”


As a digital-first company, online orders play a significant part of Outdoor Voices’ business. Order fulfillment therefore is crucial. One of the key results of the pilot project is that the amount of lost sales due to inaccurate stock dropped significantly. Web orders are located and picked from store shelves using Zebra RFID handhelds equipped with the !D Cloud app. Orders are then shipped from there when they are not available in the distribution center. In addition, in-store safety stocks can be lowered as full inventory visibility allows for efficient replenishment.
Besides the benefits to their omnichannel journey, the use of RFID allows for increased product availability and improved on-shelf availability that has ultimately transpired in a lift for Outdoor Voices.

Hilbert Dijkstra, Director of Business Development for !D Cloud Americas says: “Full inventory visibility paves the way to unmatched omnichannel services, allowing Outdoor Voices to continue their journey of building the No. 1 digital activewear brand. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with this young and ambitious retailer, enabling them to do what they do best: grow their community and serve them in the best possible way. Wherever, on whichever social platform, and whenever they decide to buy”.




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