Scotch & Soda selects Nedap as strategic RFID partner

Turning customers into brand-loyal fans as a main driver to optimize product availability

The Netherlands, Groenlo, February 2, 2021

Nedap announced today that leading Dutch fashion brand Scotch & Soda has selected them as strategic RFID partner for Europe and North America. Scotch & Soda will deploy Nedap’s !D Cloud inventory management platform throughout 162 stores globally with the objective to increase accuracy throughout the supply chain.

One of Scotch & Soda’s long-term objectives is to maximize customer loyalty. Rik Kok, Procurement Director of Scotch & Soda comments: “We have been looking into RFID for quite some time already. Now is the time for us to step in, as product availability has become vital to fulfill the increasing demand of today’s consumers.”

Accelerated importance of item visibility due to COVID-19

With stores in the world’s biggest cities and shipping to over 70 countries, the dynamics of countries going in and out of lockdowns made it even more important for Scotch & Soda to optimize the view on stock levels within their supply chain. This way, the balance of stock in-store and distribution centers can be adjusted to the local situation.

Scotch & Soda also faced a dramatic shift in shopper behavior caused by the pandemic. “A single view on stock is crucial for a successful omnichannel strategy. It allows us to increase our online sellable stock, as we do not necessarily need to ship from our distribution centers anymore. We can now use our stores as mini-DCs and use stock from the shop floor and back-of-house for web order fulfillment as well”, says Rik Kok.

Phased deployment

Scotch & Soda is kicking off the RFID implementation in the physical stores. This is closest to the consumer, as most sales take place there. Goods are source-labeled at the factory, leading to full traceability in the supply chain from source to consumer.

In addition to ensuring product availability for store sales, Nedap’s !D Cloud solution also provides the ability to quickly locate web orders in the store. This way, the time spent to prepare an e-commerce order will be reduced to a minimum.

The next step will be taken at Scotch & Soda’s new distribution center, where efficiency and accuracy must be optimal.

Mindful fulfillment

Besides designing beautiful clothes that feel good, one of Scotch & Soda’s top priorities is also is to run their business with great sensitivity to the planet by making more responsible choices every day that reduce environmental impact.

As RFID provides real-time insights in stock levels throughout the entire supply chain, safety thresholds can be reduced to a minimum. This enables Scotch & Soda to fulfill consumer demand without overstocking, and eventually wasting garments.

Bruno Bakker, Business Development Manager at Nedap Retail comments: “We are pleased to welcome Scotch & Soda to our ever-growing RFID community. Our team is looking forward to working with this fine brand to create a fully transparent supply chain and make merchandise simply available.”


Media contact:
Ilse Protsman
Marketing Communications Manager
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Filippa K RFID

Filippa K selects Nedap to power omnichannel fulfillment

Inventory visibility throughout the supply chain results in higher product availability


The Netherlands, Groenlo, January 5, 2021

Nedap announced today that leading Swedish fashion brand, Filippa K, has deployed !D Cloud, Nedap’s inventory management platform. With the implementation of RFID technology, Filippa K improves inventory accuracy and increases product availability throughout their retail supply chains and stores for agile omnichannel fulfillment.

Maximizing customer satisfaction with minimum inventory levels

Filippa K is known as a brand that approaches fashion with a perspective of longevity and mindfulness of the environment. Overstocked stores and distribution centers and high safety thresholds to confidently fulfill e-commerce orders do not fit these values. Emelie Berggren, Fulfillment Director at Filippa K says: “Our challenge is to provide the full brand experience throughout all channels. Product availability is key to achieve this. One major objective was to have a lean fulfillment process, with only the products on shelf that are strictly needed. This way, we minimize waste and this is also what our community expects us to do. RFID technology helps us to always have the right products available online and in our stores.”

Best-of-breed technology for digital transformation

Filippa K opted for a best-of-breed solution that fit their objectives and use cases. Nedap’s API-based software-as-a-service platform allowed Filippa K for ease of integration within their ERP-system. This built the foundation to easily feed the most up-to-date product availability information into the e-commerce platform from Episerver and the Sitoo POS and Unified Commerce Platform. This way, Filippa K operations will increasingly focus on the customer and unify brick-and-mortar and online shopping experience.

Exploring additional use cases with RFID

The project, fully deployed in a month, started small with the objective to optimize in-store item availability. Shortly after, Filippa K decided to implement services that allow customers to return in any desired store. In addition, centralizing inventory in order to transfer items between stores or back to the distribution centers allows Filippa K to turn a loss into a sale. “Our next step is to directly fulfill e-commerce orders from store. In addition, we are looking into leveraging our source tagged merchandise for loss prevention purposes. This will further optimize efficiency and item availability”, Berggren says.

Elles te Boome-Harbers, Global Sales & Business Developer at Nedap says, “We are glad to have Filippa K on board as a member of our RFID user community. It’s a pleasure to see how quickly they adopted and deployed our solution. We are looking forward to expanding the current use cases and increase the success of this exciting brand together with Securitas, our vendor-partner in this project.”


Media contact:
Ilse Protsman
Marketing Communications Manager
+31 6 55 41 51 67 

Nedap and Novatec intensify partnership to further unlock the potential of loss prevention systems in German market

The Netherlands, Groenlo, December 14, 2020

Nedap N.V. and Novatec GmbH today announced that they will scale up their collaboration in the German market with regards to Nedap Retail loss prevention solutions. This step is a result of a close and long-standing relationship. Novatec will be commercially and technically responsible for the majority of Nedap loss prevention business in Germany, supported by Nedap. Both organizations have stated that the arrangement will take effect on January 1, 2021.

Rob Schuurman, Managing Director at Nedap Retail, states: “ Novatec has proven themselves as a valuable partner in the past two decades. That is why we are looking forward to intensifying this collaboration. By joining forces and thus becoming more firmly rooted in the German market, we expect to expand our proven added value to existing and new German customers in the field of loss prevention. It will also increase our commercial strength by operating locally.”

Willy Derichs, CEO at Novatec comments: “Ramping up the collaboration with Nedap is an important step for us and represents a solid relationship, based on professionalism and trust. Numerous retailers are already experiencing the benefits of Nedap’s reliable technology in the field of loss prevention systems. Our team is excited to further expand the services around these solutions in the German market.”

Inventory management solution

Nedap also intensifies its activities in the German market with regards to promoting !D Cloud – Nedap’s leading RFID-based inventory management platform in the apparel and fashion industry. A dedicated team of Nedap experts will focus on assisting retailers to adopt RFID. !D Cloud is used by fashion retailers worldwide to improve merchandise availability in stores and throughout their supply chains, in order to execute a successful omnichannel strategy. Schuurman states: “We see a lot of traction for RFID-based inventory management in the German apparel and fashion industry and strongly believe that it is one of the markets in Europe where the RFID-adoption will grow exponentially over the next years.”


Media contact:
Ilse Protsman
Marketing Communications Manager
+31 6 55 41 51 67 

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Superdry signs up for global RFID roll-out with Nedap

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America Today selects Nedap’s RFID solution

First RFID rollout on the Dutch retail market

Groenlo, The Netherlands, 19 January 2019

Fashion retailer America Today, part of Coolinvestments, has decided to implement Nedap’s !D Cloud RFID software at its 69 stores in the Benelux countries to structurally raise stock accuracy and, as a result, guarantee product availability. The rollout is planned for the second half of 2019.

Looking for the business case
In the autumn of 2018, America Today started a pilot together with Nedap in 3 stores, to investigate whether there was actually sufficient basis for a business case. During the course of the pilot, a weekly stock count was performed using the !D Cloud software and a RFID handheld reader, which resulted in an improvement in stock accuracy from 75% on average to 98%.

Jonathan Kahn, CFO of America Today, explains: “We realised that our stock accuracy was going to be a huge bottleneck for our omnichannel ambitions. That is why we started investigating, together with Nedap, whether we had a business case, and it turned out that we actually had one. We opted to follow the GS1 standards, so as to offer the cooperation with all our Supply Chain partners more opportunities in the future. We are fully convinced that RFID will be a great help to us in gaining more insight into and control of our stock.”

Arjan Pruiksma, Business Developer at Nedap Retail, adds: “We are very pleased that America Today has become the first clothing retailer in the Netherlands to implement RFID with Nedap. Similarly to other retailers, America Today does not have reliable stock data, which prevents it from truly integrating its stores and online channels. We are really looking forward to starting this RFID journey together.”

Stock accuracy with RFID
Nedap’s !D Cloud software suite is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution which was especially developed for the retail sector. The software provides insight into stock levels and the exact location of each item. This also provides the basis for omnichannel concepts such as Click & Collect and Ship-from-Store. Kahn: “Our biggest driver is omnichannel, but a technology like RFID really tempts you to do everything at once. We opted to place our initial focus on maximising results with the lowest possible level of complexity. The first results are very promising, and the stores are enthusiastic as well. We cannot wait to get started.”


Media contact:
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Director Global Marketing
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Celio selects Nedap’s !D Cloud software for large-scale RFID roll-out

Groenlo, The Netherlands, 12 September 2018

Nedap today announced that the French menswear retailer Celio has selected Nedap’s !D Cloud software for the RFID roll-out to their 750 stores across Europe. The full roll-out takes place over a period of less than 10 months and will be completed in November 2018.

Nedap’s !D Cloud software suite is a Software-as-a-Service solution specifically developed for retail RFID applications, giving retailers the quickest route to implement RFID and improve their in-store stock accuracy to over 98%. The real-time item-level insights into the stock levels and the exact location of each item is also the solid foundation to successfully introduce Omni channel concepts like Click & Collect.

David Teboul, Senior Vice President Global Retail at Celio explains: “We are a multinational, multi-sourcing, multi-channel retail company, which means that every change in the market place is multiplied. The evolution towards true Omni channel retailing is really exciting, but it also means that we needed to make a ‘quantum leap’ in stock accuracy to bring visibility to the sales environment. Using !D Cloud, we can offer a better shopping experience, because by the end of 2018, our customers can decide when, where and how they want to shop our brand and get the product delivered with the same quality experience.”

At first, Celio focusses on raising the in-store stock accuracy by using RFID for goods receiving and weekly inventory counts in the stores. For this, Celio uses the !D Cloud software, in combination with Zebra mobile RFID readers, which feeds accurate stock data back in Celio’s ERP system from SAP. Additionally, the point-of-sale is integrated with !D Cloud to track sales and returns and use RFID for electronic article surveillance to prevent losses and enable full item-level visibility in the store.

Teboul adds: “Next to the right RFID features, we were also looking for a user-friendly solution and the feedback that we are getting from the stores is very positive. The acceptance and enthusiasm from our store teams is very high, because the solution helps them to provide better service.”

“We are very proud that Celio has selected us as their RFID partner to transform into a true Omni channel retailer. Our !D Cloud software platform is a hardware-agnostic EPCIS repository that gives retailers the much needed stock visibility, because every single event such as location changes, sales or returns is tracked on item-level. Once you really know what you have and where it is, you can act much more agile, offer customers a better shopping experience and uplift sales”, comments Rob Schuurman, Managing Director at Nedap Retail.


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